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Facilitating Creative Improvement



Resiliance: Learn The Skill That Makes All Other Skills Work

I have completed my video introduction to this class! Here is the YouTube link:





I have just emailed my video outline to the Community Team. I'm thinking that I've got a lot of slides to make! Seems like everytime I sit down to plan what I'm going to present, I keep thinking up more things!!

My first Class was "A3 Method: The Creative Approach to Business Problem Solving." For my next class, I want to get at the bottom of problem solving, which is resiliance. This is what is at the bottom of all endeavors, whether problem solving or starting new or starting over. So my class title is: "Resiliance: Learn The Skill That Makes All Other Skills Work".

From my first project: "I have spent years facilitating process improvement in Healthcare. But running improvement teams never seemed to get the results that everyone wanted until we started using a standardized process that we could document visually. It seemed that the more visual it became, the more insight into the problem occurred, and the more creative that the team became. This is how a project started:


Here is my introductory video: https://youtu.be/0K9bmZqJfTE


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