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Residence Hall Mascot Redesign

The hall I live in has a lion mascot, but right now it's more of a cartoon-looking lion than a traditional logo. This class seemed like the perfect way to learn how to design this type of logo and redesign the hall mascot. The original image I used for reference comes from good ol' google. 

The line drawing video was so helpful when I was editing down the reference image to simple paths. As the tutorial continued I got more and more confident in my ability to use the pen tool. I definitely still need practice but I also was able to really improve the drawing between the line drawing, the first dratft, and the final drawing. 

I would love to try this class using a reference that isn't a lion, but I'm still coming up with ideas :)

UPDATE 4/3/15: Based on some feedback, I've edited the color and a few smaller details.


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