Researching my book's niche and genre

Researching my book's niche and genre - student project

Hello Dear David,

Thank you for including the project assignment.

This helps us (your students) to better understand the current situation.

See where we are at in the present time and space.

It helped me to focus.

I am an aspiring writer.

My book is in the very beginning.

The task that you've gave us made me think about the

niche I am attending to refer too.

This is what I have found on Amazon:


Show results for


I am a bilingual writer.

I write both in Russian and in English.

I am currently working at my Russian memory book.

That is why I have picked the Russian diaries and biographies section.

I first thought that this is the niche that describes my work in literature in the

most natural way,

but now I am not sure about it anymore.

I consider doing more research and look forward to complete the whole course

adding the new project at the end of each part.

I believe that this will help me achieve more clarity and focus.

Thank you very much for reading this.

I appreciate your time.

Sincerely yours,

Nataliya Aleshina


Nataliya Aleshina
Aspiring writer, focused at mastering my craft!