Researching and Implementing

As  a recent graduate from San Fracnisco State University, I feel stuck in a dilemma. Obtaining a marketing degree was very accomplishing but the purpose for the degree seem to changed after I've have graduated. My whole purpose to gain this degree was to learn about how different markets reacts to different strategies; also how I can use the knowledge I've gained to start my own business. 

My goal from the very beginning was to start my own business because  I felt that every entrepreneur learning about their market would have an advantage aganist their competitors. They say the successful business come down to 20% creativity and 80% business. After learning about this rule, I focused my attention on getting my degree. College was very difficult for me when it came to priorizing my workload. My investment in my degree made me decided to hold off on any business ventures and whenever I had an idea, I would write them down. 

After obtaining my degree, I'm constantly shifting my attention back and forth from finding a marketing position for a company and starting a business plan. For the purpose of this class, I'm looking to gain skills and knowledge that would motivate me to be less distracted and learn how to focus my attention on my project. 

On a regular daily basis:

1) Morning-  I use my time to check any opening positions for marketing on craigslist, careerbuilder, hots jobs, and etc. 

2) Check my e-mail for any notifications.

3) send out more resumes. 

4) afternoon-start reseaching ideas and strategies to start a clothing company and how to introduce it to the market and how to differentiate from other competitors.

5) Staying updated with the market by check specific websites and blogs that obtain similiar target market. 

6) Evening- I work as a server at a restaurant to obtain consist cashflow which support my stability with rent, bills, and hobbies (skateboarding and photography).

My schedule changes at times due to family, friends, girlfriend, and special occasions. I tend to lose track of my goal because of distraction. I'm learning to block out the noise and focus my attention of whats important right now in my life. Implementing what I've gain from researching and taking this class would hopefully would set me on the right track to time manage and priorize my project more efficiently. 


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