Research and create contact list of potential buyers for a product

I am currently working with  client to sell a new product into retail distribution.  I am creating a data base of potential retail and online contacts from scratch in multiple consumer categories.  Current steps are:

  1. identify potential retail & online categories. (in process)
  2. weekly - take one category, identify potentail organizations by google key words, use jigsaw.com, linked in
  3. research buyers or department in the store, website to contact from each account
  4. If available identify buyer name, if not identify title & department name
  5. put mail address, phone, email address, website , any key acct notes in database
  6. Send list of contacts to person to mail merge letter and sample sample &  (outsource)
  7. Review list of accounts who also require electronic filing
  8. Complete information requests.
  9. Maintain master FAQ's and data requests
  10. Follow up via phone call key targets in each category with in 1 week of sample mailed
  11. Start new category every week.


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