Research & Ideas - Feedback please ; )

Hello everyone. Looking forward to where this project takes me. I usually work out my ideas immediately on the computer. Doing thumbnails via my sketchbook will really help a lot in terms of adding a bit more patience to my creative process. As an aside, I highly recommend the book I've chosen. Beautifully written by an exceptionally insightful writer.

BOOK: One Day I Will Write About This Place (Autobiography)
AUTHOR: Binyavanga Wainaina

I was inspired by another participants research process in which they scanned a few chapters and separated word lists by chapter. I took this approach and found it very helpful. I'll probably hold back a bit next time I do it. The level of detail I went into could be time wasting and unnecessary but a nice exercise to build a research template from. So thanks to that participant for the great idea!

I then made a Master List, pulling out repeated ideas and other strong themes I felt were applicable. I followed this up with a little online research and finally 3 ideas emerged.

1ST IDEA: This autobiography is filled with many transitions / journeys / travel. Much of his travel takes place across Africa for work and study. Wainaina interacts with a lot of intellectuals and a lot of ideas that involve late night drinking, philosophical as well as mundane everyday chatter. I thought it would be great to turn the W into a winding pathway joining multiple W's and creating a sense of movement. Winking eyes between these pathways is a nod to his cynical brand of humour and a laughing mouth or two a nod to his connection and communication in many varied contexts.

2ND IDEA: I think I may be leaning towards this idea the most right now. It simply includes an open book with a furry / hairy W coming out of it. Wainaina was always a ferocious reader sometimes having to hide books, as he'd rather read than do his math homework for instance. As a writer himself this makes sense now. This continual and insistent reference to reading and imagining his future as a writer early on was so pronounced throughout the book. The furry W I would colour with a strong pinky red and blue. For sometime he was photographed with bright pinky red and blue hair and this was his hair colour at the book launch I attended. He was always incredibly witty with an acerbic sense of humour. I wanted to take note of this character trait and insert a bit of humour into the design. As an even more subtle nod to his home - Nakuru - I thought of including two of the counties emblem colours into the background and in the book. This must be a gentle reference and not a pronouncement. Home and especially family are referenced with reverence and love.

3RD IDEA: The hand as a tool for writing is a wonderful and caring symbol for making and doing. It is a representation of journey and craft. The W would rise from 'his' hand and would be semi-transparent and delicate casting a soft shadow below. I'm not certain what would be below this hand but I think some representations of major cities he has worked in and moved through; Accra, Lagos, Lome, Johannesburg, Nairobi.

**Really looking forward to some feedback on my ideas. I'm not certain how easy they'll be to judge from the sketches but maybe the concepts can be judged. I'd be exceptionally appreciative**  Thanks !

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