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Resdemes -- Evolving online presence

I've been living on the internet since 1996. I've been doing online presence consulting since then. 

Resdemes (res de mes) means "Nothing extra. Only was is needed" in catalan, my mother tongue. I've been taking this minimalistic aproach with my clients and has worked for us. (Don't you see the happy client on the logo?).

I live in Barcelona and the addoption rate here is always behind what I see in the english-speaking community (mostly american but also australian) where I move.

All my clients have been local and refered by word of mouth. Some of them are my clients since 1998 or 2000. As they all come from other client referals I haven't worked on my social networks actively. Not even on my online presence, as the referers results speak for themselves when refering me.

I have been curating info and sending updates on topics or trends related to them but now I am considering moving to a wider audience. Some of them said I may put a blog together with all the info I send them.

Here is where I would like your opinion: The spanish market is not as evolved as the english one so, to create a bigger online presence would you keep it focused on the local market or move to an english speaking community? I could also do my work for non-local clients as there are no law-related topics involved that change from country to country and make international work harder.

This would be the first fork in the road: local or global. And the one to choose, for me, before moving to articulating the story and all the other steps Seth suggests.

So, would you keep it local or move it to english to be able to give back to the community where I got the insights from?

I'll be waiting for your comments! 

Thanks for your time! :)


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