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Requesting an Appointment to Show Portfolio

Hi - my name is Trina and I'm a freelance illustrator. Last year I started sending out regular mass (but personalised by first name) newsletters to prospective new (cold) clients. I can see in the Mailchimp stats some people are looking at these newsletters several times or returning to re-view them - I know I need to follow up on these people and make the next step - the email below is my attempt!

When I started out in the mid 90s the usual practice was to gain an appointment or drop off your portfolio at a company for a few hours. Nowadays with websites this is much less common. The response I'm pre-empting from my email below is "we've taken a look at your website, and we'll contact you if a suitable commission comes up" (which can and does happen but often months or even years later). I've found from previous experience meeting a prospective commissioner is a really beneficial experience and you become much more memorable to them and more likely to come to mind for a commission than if they've just looked at your website.

However - I also recognise that designers are busy and why should they make time to meet people (though some are happy to) if they can more easily glance at your work online?

Also I'm originally from the North of Scotland where you are actively encouraged not to put yourself forward so I find writing these types of emails hard!

Any thoughts or suggestions are really welcome, thank you!


Dear  ……….

 I am a London based illustrator, freelancing for over sixteen years.

Over the last eight months I’ve sent you four Mailchimp newsletters – themed as Autumn, Winter, New Work and Maps. You were listed in the “Association of Illustrators Directory of Advertisers” as happy to receive samples of work from illustrators by email. I hope this is so.

I see from your website that BlahBlah Design sometimes use illustration. I especially like the work for the Rhubarb Rhubarb  project.

I would love the opportunity to come in with my portfolio and meet you and show you some of my new work not yet on my website. I am currently lining up appointments for any time from mid May through to the end of June.

Websites, email, etc are wonderful but I really miss the ‘olden days’ where I’d go to companies and meet people! I hope to hear from you.

Thank you

Best wishes


Trina Dalziel



Clients include:

 Air Continental


Boston Globe

Harper Collins





Time Asia

World Wildlife Fund






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