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Repurposed fashion

The sheer amount of clothing that is thrown away each day is staggering and  what better solution to a problem this large than repurposeing what people already have into something they now want and its a cycle that can continue almost indefinatley.

A clothing bank style collection would be an initial thought on collecting the items, when you donate a certain amount you could recieve in return a voucher for money off finished pieces or you could take an item you love but no longer fits or that has seen better days and have it remade into something you can continue to love but that is also useful, ie a skirt into a bag or trousers into a skirt etc.

Its a new way of repurposing clothing as its not something that has hit the masses but that many people would be happy to be seen done, there are some small businesses doing this kind of thing, remaking something old into something new but nothing that follows this brief this closely.

The demographic is compleatly limitless, childrens clothes could be made into toys or smaller accessories like coin purses or headbands so no one is excluded.

As you material has already been paid for through donations then its really only your time and things like cotton and fastenings that would make up the cost so it can be really cost effeciant for all involved.


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