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Victor Szepessy

Artist and Illustrator



Representation Matters - T-shirt

I am not really a business person and I don't have a brand or a logo. I create illustrations the old fashioned way, with paper and pens, pencils, and brushes. However, I found this class really interesting and it certainly introduced me to all those marketing concepts that I think American culture is so much more aware of than my European counterpart. I don't have access to any type of printing set up at the moment either, but I do have a computer and the internet, of course, so I used Redbubble to make a T-shirt. I downloaded GIMP, which is free and a bit like Photoshop, and watched a Youtube tutorial on how to design a transparent png file with the right number of pixels. After that I talked to my friends about what they look for in a T-shirt. They all said that they look for something that represents them. Well, they are all pretty different in ways that they see as important to their identity: race, gender, sexuality, disability/ability. The thing they have in common is the belief in social equality through representation. So, instead of drawing a pretty picture, I ended up making this simple text t-shirt with a message that resonates with people I know. Marketable? I have no idea. But it was certainly very satisfying. This class gave me the basics to get my message across, and I'll take that with me into the next stage of creating for a market. 



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