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Repo Man

Repo Man is hands down my favorite film ever. I saw it as a teenager and it essentially changed my life. It was weird, had a punk rock soundtrack and the plotline and script required you watch it at least 20 times to memorize and understand. Most quotable movie I know.

Anyway- some of the subjects I came up with:

  1. combat boots    
  2. 64 Chevy Malibu
  3. Little Tree
  4. Otto
  5. Trunk
  6. Aliens
  7. sunglasses
  8. generic beer

There was an ongoing quirky thing in the movie - every time they repossesed a car, they'd find a little tree air freshener on the mirror. That kind of appealed to me. It doesn't give away the plot (or even clue you in) but it does suggest cars and this is about the Repo Man, right?

I think I have some good poster ideas here that incorporate hand-drawn type- I feel like I could do several- maybe a series.


I ended up having no problem recreating the air freshener and placed the title in the white square on the tree. But I had some trouble with the background and what to do with it- had a thought to put some old punk rock wheatpaste poster collage in there- not sure about it. Still thinking- did an orange overlay and then left it black and white.




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