Repeat pattern on my iPad

Repeat pattern on my iPad - student project

This class is one of the few I can surely say exceeded my expectations. I learned new resources, tips and the first of all how to use affinity designer or my iPad. So many helpful things! I’m getting really into this pattern thing lately and I am amazed how valuable and easy this class was!

Here are some of my patterns. The first one is just simple halfdrop geometric design with playful colours. I guess it would look best on large scale prints.
Repeat pattern on my iPad - image 1 - student project


The second one is more complex but still fairly simply in design. There are more elements to make it more interesting. Not just the main one repeated over and over. I am fascinated by wild animals so I choose geese for my subject and of course some flowers for complementary decoration.

Repeat pattern on my iPad - image 2 - student project

Thank you, Liz, for your amazing class! I hope you like my work.