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Ulla K

Graphic designer



Repeat patten: " - Other chimneys than yours are smoking..."


My name is Ulla and although Im a graphic designer Ive never done a repeat pattern!

So happy to get the chance.

Here is my process for the assignment:

I choose a saying from a story my dad told me many years ago. Otto, a friend of his was working as a farmhand on a local farm. (A not very prestigeous job at the time). One day he was called into the managers office and sacked. But Otto was a cool guy, so he simply replied " Well, other chimnies than yours are smoking!".

Ive always thought what an elegant response when placed in a tight spot. 

So to create my pattern Ive been looking at chimneys and smoke for visual reference. Ive been sketching  and drawing them later in illustrator. I wanted a contrast between flat hard chimneys and spindly curly smoke.



My mood board are Marimekko patterns and Matisse cut outs - all lovely, bold and graphic. I picked the colours from there. I have a facination for graphic patterns that "fill the space".

So far so good! 

Tonite I wanted to actually make the pattern. But that is not as easy as it seems! All fiddly to get the same on each side and above - in a digital way. I can't quite make it work - its all in all a bit uptight, childish and the elements look stiff together. I might try tommorrow and see if I can get a better result.


Well back again!!  I refuse to believe that I can't work this repeat pattern out!?
Below is an other effort - just done manually. 


I like the colours but have not managed to integrate the smoke! So back to the drawing board!


Well here is an other go. I like the bits of smoke better this time! Ive changed the colour to neutral. It makes the pattern more modern - less childish. Still not been able to make a pattern that is continuing the way I want it to. But Im learning every day, so hey! Who's complaining? Not me.


Well I've worked it out! What a thrill! It is not perfect, but such fun to make!! What helped me was to place the elements crosing the X and the Y axis - and then copy them to the opposite sides. Then I know how much space I have to place the elements in the middle.


Ive even learned how to change the colours inside the patter - yah, two new illustrator skills!



This is how the pattern would look like an iphone cover and as a dress! (Thank you printalloverme (PAOM).
Ive so enjoyed this assignment. I will deffinately try to make some more prints!


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