Repairing an old family photo

Repairing an old family photo - student project

My auntie recently found a bunch of old family photos in my grandparents' old cabinet.

With some detective work I was delighted to discover that this battered old photo is of my great great great grandmother, Elipsaba. I was very excited, as I'd always wondered what they (that side of the family) looked like. She seems to have been a shorty, like me.

I could keep going with the repairs (perhaps have another go at some of the areas where I was a little sloppy), but I am happy that it's already a big improvement.

Repairing an old family photo - image 1 - student project


Here's another one I am in the process of restoring. It's been very time-consuming repairing the small (mould?) spots. Not even sure I can get rid of most of them as they are so close together. My scanner also over-sharpens everything, so I am finding this tricky to fix as well.

Repairing an old family photo - image 2 - student project

(I don't know who this man is. He is in an old album of 74 mystery photos, mostly taken in Scotland, in about the 1850s, that probably belonged to either my great great grandma or her father, or maybe her stepmum).