Rentez-Vous - student project

You know what is the first women's problem?
Their wardrobe ! We have plenty of clothes but always nothing to wear ! According to recent surveys, 70% of girls recognize not wearing half of their clothes! What a waste ! What if we could never wear the same thing twice without being ruined and at the same time get money from our wardrobe? Welcome to Rentez-Vous !

Combining "rent" and "rendez-vous", the concept is actually to provide women with a simple and economical alternative to buy based on the potential of their own wardrobes. Today, Rentez-Vous are monthly events happening in flats or unusual places in Paris and London where girls bring their own clothes and set up a price to choose from £7 to £25 for 2 to 3 weeks. We also host emerging fashion designers that can rent out their own creations, get awareness and test the market. They can also generate sales as girls can "try before they buy", as a new kind of dressing room. We take a fee on each transaction and on each sales as well. People give back their clothes through implemented dropping points and we also have a dry cleaning option. Of course, each transaction is securized through a deposit cheque.

The whole idea of Rentez-Vous is about connecting people through their clothes and providing them with a unique experience from a very simple item. In this way, the Rentez-Vous are the ground of a completely different shopping experience and we want to scale this service through a mobile app that would allow members to rent clothes to each others beyond the events by connecting their wardrobes easily.

My app would involve:

- the ability for girls to upload their clothes and categorize them

- the ability to express the will to rent an item or to give opinion (love option)

- A map of the dropping points and the ability to confirm the returns

- Notifications

- A deposit section (credit card print => this part looks the more complicated)

- Ability to register to the next Rentez-Vous event

Here are some screenshots of my mockups:

Rentez-Vous - image 1 - student project

Once you click on the picture:

Rentez-Vous - image 2 - student project

Clicking on "rent", you can then ask "for next rentez-vous" or for a specific starting date. This will  create a notification to the owner who can say yes or no. Once it's yes, we arrange with the renter and owner.

The profile section would be this way:

Rentez-Vous - image 3 - student project

With a wardrobe section where you can take pictures or add some from your database:

Rentez-Vous - image 4 - student project

The "Map" section will involve a google map where you can click and confirm your returnThe "contact" section will be only to be in touch with us for any issue or remarks.

Don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts! :)


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