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Renewable Energy Investments - Low-hassle, high-return investments, that build local, renewable energy systems.

Disatisfied with the investment the banks offer?

Wish you could invest ethically and locally?

Want to do well and do good with your investments?

Our business is offering quality, professional investment opportunities in bioenergy in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

We aim to show that ecology and economy can go hand in hand. That doing well for yourself and doing good for the planet and your community also go hand in hand.

We believe that many people, at equal returns on investment, would rather invest in local, green and ethical. That's what we're offering.

Where are we situated on the scale of investments? Have a look at our assessment of the other offerings of investments on the Canadian market using 3 factors : ROI on the X axis and RISK/Complexity on the Y axis. 

We are listing all offerings for an average 5 year investment (invest and hold 5 years) in today's market. As you can see the offering ranges from the low-risk, low-ROI offering of bonds (approx 1%-2% in today's market), a variety of mutual funds which range from 3-8% in returns, but which are also subject to market rules. As for the stock market, there is a perception of higher risk in that market as well. As for Real estate, it should be in your portfolio, but it is much more complex and need to invest not only money, but lots of time. Angel investing of course is at the other end of the spectrum and is limited to an elite few who choose that path and we would place it in the very high risk, very high revenue category.

Where does that lead us? We want people to decide for themselves. What are offering includes the following:

  • a 35% tax break from our provincial governemnt and +/- 35% tax break for federal tax breaks for a total of +/- 70% tax breaks. YOu invest 10,000$, you get 7000$ back in tax breaks
  • Based on known assets in your community. If you're worried about the business model, come and have a look at it for yourself.
  • Invest in a known, trusted bioheating technology which has 30 years+ track record.
  • Become a part owner of renewable heat in your community
  • Hassle-free simple investment: as simple as investing in a mutual fund.

What we are setting out to do is to make ethical, feel-good and earn-great investments hassle-free and accesible to all. In other words, we want you to do good and do well for yourself. 

Read below for more details on the bioheating projects and how they work. Come talk to us to find out more. 

My project consists of building a movement to make my Island a world leader in sustainable, renewable solutions for rural communities. The "project" I'm setting out to do is to change people's behaviours, attitudes and beliefs towards themselves and towards the power that each and everyone of them has. I want to change them to show that they can influence and change the course of their society.


We currently import a LOT of oil from the Middle-East, and produce very little of our energy. ACFOR Energy is a company that specializes in renewable, sustainable, local biomass heat projects. What does this mean? It means, we're sustainably harvesting forests using qualitiy-based, and eco-systems based forestry methods, while creating local sources of fuel for heating (wood chips). In other words, we're helping forests and creating energy. 

How is this possible? Well, we thought about doing it, tried it out and proved it can work! Our system is to use selecting thinning processes, "weed out the forests" (much like you woudl weed a garden) and use that wood residue to turn into bioenergy (wood chips). Not only that, we're producing energy at a lower cost than oil, and it's local, and greener. We've done several pilot projects to show the feasibility of both the forestry operations (financially and ecologically) and the bioheating operations (installation of boilers, automated wood-chip systems, successfully operations for 2+ years). 

So now the "project" is to tell the story of what we see possible for our island, inspire people so that they also not only believe in the vision, but believe in themselves, and see themselves as an actor, a hero in this story which is unfolding every day.  One of the concrete ways that we're hoping to work together with other Islands is through an investment fund which will fund local renewable energy projects. Our promise is that we will honour their trust put in us, and we will give them a better return and much more transparency than average investments in mutual funds, GICs or other such investment vehicles.

We want them to be excited about the prospect of becoming energy independent, of restoring our lost forests, of building local and renewable sources of energy. And also, more importantly building back the lost confidence after years of economic downturn on this Island. We want our Islanders to be proud yet again, and we want Islanders to move back to the Island who moved away for work.

That in short is my project.


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