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Rendering light //Annika

My name is Annika, a graphic designer from Denmark, who enjoys drawing and creating as much as possible.

I have been looking forward to this class so, so much - and it's great to be at it, even though it is a hard process; learning, creating and -not to mention- showing your process to whomever wants to follow.


I have done my first couple of sketches, of both male and femail portraits. I haven't decided which one to go with, or what should happend next. I am still just studying the material and technique while I develope my further ideas. 

Here is a small selection of what I have been working on...

Practicing Chiaroscuro

I have been waiting for a more suitable paper from my local paper pusher, which was delayed from the supplyer. It's now in stock again, and I really look forward working on this  larger, smooth and heavy paper. In the meantime I've been practicing Chiaroscuro on a smaller pad.

Normally I'm into a nuanced style, but I'm actually positive surpriced about the expression in the sharper sketch. 


I am ready for the next step adding colour! So exiting -and scary!

Started colouring...

Final drawing

My drawing is done, and I am (as close as it gets to) satisfied. 

I am very happy with what I've learned and I look forward to explore further working with chiaroscuro and coloured pencils - but it will take some time and hard work to master these techniques :)

Another shot 


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