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Rendering Interior Environments: A Fast and Easy Method

Course Description

There’s no better or more effective way of communicating your design idea than through color rendering. Interior and environmental designers know that beautiful renderings do more to impress clients and colleagues than any other mode of presentation. If you are unfamiliar with using Photoshop to create presentation drawings, don’t worry—I explain the process step by step!

In this course, you will learn basic rendering technique using tips and shortcuts that transform a simple hand sketch or SketchUp scene into a polished presentation drawing, with special regard to the atmospheric conditions of interior environments. No matter your level of drawing skill, you can do this!

Project: Create a Digitally Rendered Interior Scene


Create a color rendering using either a freehand sketch, a scene exported from SketchUp, an environment traced from a photo, or whatever you choose as a base perspective. Then apply the techniques I teach for adding color and shadow to give your rendering depth and visual interest.

Project Deliverables

Though we'll be working in TIFF or PSD format, save your project as either JPG or PNG and upload each step of the process to the Project Gallery. That way, you'll get freedback as early as possible.

First Upload
• Base Perspective



Second Upload
• With Tone


Third Upload
• With Color

Final Project Upload: Full–Color Rendering


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