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Render me happy


Done my first few renders using 3DS max and Vray. Pretty happy with it so far. 

After playing around a bit more with an extra light and some work on getting a lower angle for composition I got this:

Unit 1

Had a play and created a few objects for this unit. The metal on the tankard looks a bit odd after the turbosmooth effect which I think suits pottery/wood better, still looks good though. 

Unit 2

Had a play around with some different settings, havent decided yet whether I'm going to use these models for my final or just go for something completely different, we will see. 

Im having a very slight (but somewhat annoying) issue with my renders after saving them from the VFB they are washing out quite significantly. I originally thought this was due to the jpeg compression but it doesn't seem to matter what format I save as. Its kinda annoying as I'm having to colour balance all of my saved renders. See pic below: 

Unit 3

Ok folks, so my finished renders which have been photoshopped:

For this one I used the healing brush to remove the light reflection bottom left and to repair the background where it shows a tiling line. Then I used the dodge effect to make the reflections look better, and applied a texture of amber as an overlay. 

I followed similar techniques for this one, but made it darker with a bit more colour change. I changed the colour of the light orbs to match the reflection which was a different colour for some bizarre reason also. 


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