Renaissance Of Me

1/24/13 Being Specific

1. Even though my doctor has assured me that my blood pressure is fine, the salt addiction i have leaves me very bloated. I have to limit my salt intake down to only a couple of days a month.

2. I have to take my time in this healthy life style to make sure my form is right and i do things in moderation. I am in no hurry to reach my goals because this is my life style now not a phase. I dont diet I eat good.

3. I have begun my weight training. The pros are learning from my guys at the gym for free, learning about my muscles and seeing and feeling the change taking place in my body including the increase in my sex drive. The cons are dealing with egos from some of the guys in the gym esp the one ive dated and stalks me in the gym, the increased sex drive now that im single, and feeling shamed that im not learning things the first time. and lastly the attitudes of people who want to do what your doing but hate that they arent so they hate you.

4. I am logging my workouts at least 3-4 days a week. But its hard knowing what to log some exercises as in the description list. Maybe a list of exercises and descriptions that fitocracy post for members like they do the quests as well as a way to add your own to the listing.


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