Reminders - student project


I like following time management studies and very curious in looking at various ways of managing time. Iphone has drastically changed how we manage time and remind our selves of things we have to do. The ability to remind ourselves (nag ourselves) has helped many of us to be very eifficient.

Thus I would like to begin with the default Iphone Reminders app and try to build as close a functionality as I can. Then I would like to add any additional features which I may discover along the way.

Next Milestones:

  1. Wireframes
  2. Functionality Listings
  3. Code
  4. Test
  5. Demo

Default Iphone Reminders App Functionality:

The default app does the following

  1. Add a reminder
  2. Remind me on a particular day
  3. Remind me at a particular location
  4. Repeat the reminder every day, week, 2 weeks, month and year as well as none.
  5. Priority: none, Low, Medium, High
  6. Add notes to a reminder
  7. Sort by Completed and Reminders
  8. Share Reminders
  9. Add a new list
  10. Mini Calendar and add by date
  11. Import and Export Reminders as .ics
  12. Sync to Icloud
Nadir Hajiyani

Php Web Developer. Reach me at @pal4life26