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Remembering The Junius Tree

STEP 1 - Selecting Your Text

For my project I chose to adapt Chapter 6 from "The Pastures Of Heaven" by John Steinbeck. Of all the stories in the book, this particular resonated with me on a couple of levels. For one it shows how our central figure Junius Matlby goes from accountant living in the big city to a poverty stricken farmer. But instead of being a cautionary tale of "work hard or else" I took it as man going through a transformation towards mental enlightenment. His "sickness" granted him the opportunity to do what he really wanted to do which is to pursue knowledge. This hits home for me for like Junius I've been forced to leave the 9-5 work in pursuit of what I really want to do which is work in films. 

Another point which stuck out to me was the how society judges your wealth. To the community of Pastures Of Heaven, Junius and his family were poor because they did not have the material trappings that that serve as indicators (new clothes, automobile, radio, etc..) Reading the text you see that Junius had his health, a bright little son in Robbie, a close friend and confident in Jakob Stutz and ability to freely pursue knowledge without any hinderance. These are things that are most important in life, which I believe made Junius one of the richest individual Pastures Of Heaven. 

A finally point that stuck out, is watching Robbie's education from his father (with help from Jakob Stutz) You get to see how even at a young age, how bright, inquisitive and how much of leader Robbie is. Even though the story ended on father on son leaving the community - it still felt that the story was just starting for Robbie. After reading this chapter, I kept wondering what kind of adult did young Robbie grow up into. 

STEP 2 - Drafting Your Screenplay

In drafting the screenplay I had six (6) re-writes including the final. Just list the edits I made which got me closer to the final product. Please note that screenplay was written/formated on Final Draft, saved as a PDF and uploaded via Google Drive. 

Remembering The Junius Tree - Screenplay - FINAL DRAFT

Remembering The Junius Tree - Screenplay - Version 5

Remembering The Junius Tree - Screenplay - Version 4 

STEP 3 - Writing Your Logline

An origin tale about one of the forefathers of the 60's Counter Culture revolution.


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