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Remembering Childhood

August 8

I loved this class but I've been putting off on attempting the project mainly because I didn't have any ideas. I tried so hard but had such a mental block for so long. Then one day I just decided to pursue something complicated but dear to me. 

I grew up in a little country called Tunisia up in North Africa. I moved to the US when I was 8 but I've always wanted to return to the place I can't help but call home. I wanted to somehow make badges that reflected bits and pieces of my memories of Tunisia.

At first I considered just doing beautiful locations, but that was pretty hard, and wasn't as meaningful to me. So I'm just feeling out the idea right now. I think I just want each badge to commemorate a memory I have, whether it's recognizable to others or not. 

Here's the image it all began with:

A little complicated for a badge maybe, but so fun to explore and experiment with! This is a common door seen in Tunisia. Really, just google "Tunisian door" and you'll see what I mean. As soon as I made this I realized I wanted to use this as the environment for each image. I created it through a long unnecessary process which led me to some difficulty using it again in other images, but thanks to a few of Dominic's tricks using the pathfinder I was finally able to separate the door from its frame. 

Here's my first attempt at a window:

I clearly don't have much of a color pallette yet, but I will worry about that later. This is two memories morphed into one image. We rode camels in the Sahara when I was five or six, which was grand, but it was in the day time. The starry sky is what I remember seeing every night from the roof of my house. The stars are much more visible there than where I am now. 

I'm working on my third image now. I found a pretty cool reference photo of one of the ferrys we used to ride over to a nearby island. I can't imagine people will be able to recognize it's a ferry from the image I'm using, but it's the one that reminded me most of the long rides over the sea, telling each other stories to pass the time.

I really want to make more headway on this project before school starts up again. Here's hoping!

August 12

I decided to add some simple gradients, which really added to the overall feel of the pieces! 

I'm still trying to figure out how gradients work on Illustrator. I'm having a lot more trouble with them than in Photoshop. It's harder to pick the colors I want! There doesn't seem to be a way you can type in a hex code. Anyone know anything about that?

Alright, now, this is a piece that I assume most people won't understand, and that's fine. It's a look into a ferry, specifically one I used to ride from my hometown to one of the nearby islands. I have such fond memories of sitting on those blue benches and listening to my dad tell us crazy made-up stories. 

I like the use of the gradient because it adds dynamic to the previously boring background. It makes the forefront subject the focus which is nice. I was going to complete avoid adding people in any of these because drawing people terrifies me, but this guy was in the photo I used as reference and I liked the composition, so I went for it. My friend said this picture had a very "Greek" feel, which I agree with. 

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this one. This is the El Jeb Amphitheatre which I remember visiting in my youth. I wanted to take a complicated structure and make it simple, but maybe I made it too simple? Or maybe not. I'm just throwing it in here as a WIP. Not sure which gradient I like better.


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