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Remember, I'm you and you're me

I took the teacher's advice and went with a phrase that I had a connection with, that was more personal to me. 

"Remember, I'm you and you're me."

It's actually something my boyfriend said to me a few years back after a few drinks. He got real close to my face, with a really serious look on his face and imparted this piece of wisdom to me. It's since become a joke between us.

So when thinking of words and themes this associated with, it's coming from a place of love, silliness, and togetherness. I wanted to illustrate it in a light-hearted and playful way, with a more personal form of lettering that felt more from my own hand.  I used pinterest to put together a board of lettering that fit that sentiment for me.


Here are a few that I focused on/pulled elements from when I practiced:


Since the majority of the words in my phrase are short, I chose to test out a few styles with the entire phrase to really get an idea of what it would look like.  Here are a few of my trials:


This first one I just wanted to practice script lettering from other examples, since it had been quite a long time since I've done any script writing. As you can tell, I had trouble with keeping a consistent angling.


This second try is actually my favorite and is likely what I'll use as a guide to do my real sketching. I really like how the phrase feels balanced and the mix of script and type.


Another try I did to try a different, more playful feel. Had trouble with this one and planning out where the letters would interact with eachother.


Another try, wanted to attempt on an angle and with some flourishes. I feel like the way the letters panned out I didn't have the right opportunities for flourishes where I wanted them to be.


Since most of my words are short, I wanted to try a stacked version with thicker lettering. This may be one I revisit and try to polish in another attempt.

I didn't watch ahead so doing thumbs after having done these felt a little out of order (whoops!) but I went ahead and did a few to try out the method.


This is how far I am so far. Let me know your thoughts!

--- Update 10/05 ---

I went with my favorite sketch and inked it out. There's a few places I might want to try again with spacing, but think I might correct those once I digitize it. What do you think? Any thoughts on additional embellishments I should try?



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