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Relique is a French equivalent of relic, the defination of relic from the Oxford dictionary is an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest. 

Relique emphasizes youth culture and consists of basic style clothing with the touch of added indulgence, with the concept of learning from the past,
Relique clothing is for people who fancy original style items brimming with individuality.

The Brand colours of purple and crimson appears noble and majestic, occasionally exuding a sense of mystery.


Relique also aims to be a subculture that is in line with the street culture such as music, art, action sports but also aims to be a little rebellious to encourage youth of today to stand up and be themselves. Relique learns from the latest trends and styles and do it what we think is better or OUR way. 


 Relique also aims to be a recognizable international brand with huge involvement in the youth culture.

Logo design Sketches (preliminary)

I decided to look closely at my brand name “Relique”. There’s still the urge to use the font ‘R’ as the brand logo, but after some thought and some advise from a designer friend I decided to use Q instead of R as the brand logo. The reason to this is that first glance at the name ‘Relique’, the most stand out letter is the ‘Q’.

So I decided to combine two ‘Q’s to create a symmetry logo that looks not only appealing but also simple and upscale

Finalized Logo:

Tshirt Design and lookbook

First Collection:

Second Collection: (VALOR)



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