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Release of eBook

I have been writing a blog for six months and will be publishing the blog into an eBook.  I am in the final editing and layout phase and will be releasing the eBook next week.

The eBook is focused on life lessons for my son, Adugna.  We adopted him from Ethiopia and these are a collection of life's lessons culled from my childhood growing up in Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan along with many of the jobs that I have had.

My business to motivate and to entertain, connecting people to their purpose in life.  I do this through performances of close up and stage magic.  Additionally, I have a series of keynote presentations on motivation, management and leadership.

For Father's Day I will be releasing an ebook which will offer the insights and stories I have compiled in my blog.  These are lessons that I want my son to know that might guide him to know and understand his purpose in life.

My social media strategy is graphically displayed below.  It outline briefly how I am starting to manage the different aspects of engaging my audiences.

There are different stages of development and evolution and I use this to give me context to how to approach the different opportunities.  Each aspect is triggered strategically to build upon each other.  Still very new and I am not sure that I am very good at this yet and hopefully I can gain feedback and input from the class.


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