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Carlo Moschetta

Relax with Percussion & Drums for Beginners!



Relax with Percussion & Drums for Complete Beginners - Focus and Relaxation Practice for All -

Ciao !

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Ready to learn some contagious drum beats?  My name is Carlo and in my 25 years of playing drums & teaching fun in UK, Italy and Portugal I have heard many times things like '' I can't do that ''  or '' I cannot even dance with the beat of a song '' and more!

Well, I am here to tell you that those days are over. You can indeed drop those unfulfilling thoughts and misconceptions and just follow my class to see if what I am saying is true, namely that you can quickly learn and have so much fun drumming and then share it with your friends and family!

 Once you master some drumming which I will explain and show you how, you will have so much fun and it will become part of you, something you will never forget - like learning to go on a bicycle. 

Whats more is that drumming is actually also an EXCELLENT RELAXING & STRESS RELIEVING TOOL !

Just have a look at my INTRO class and then send me your feed back and let me know what you think.Soon more classes!

I am sorry for the video quality but I was too excited to quickly share this class here with this FANTASTIC platform that Vimeo has created !

AND if you do not yet own a drum is just fine! You can use anything to do what I share with you in this Beginner Videos Project, just go ahead and enjoy it again and again and you will see that the type of skill and information that is shared here is more than drumming technique - go beyond the words, experience the class and you will truly take the most out of it. Then, let me know what you think.

  • Introduction to Percussion;
  • How to Generate a deep bass sound; a medium sound and a High pitch one from a drum;
  • Bass; Tone and Slap - sounds;
  • Hands Technique;
  • How to relax your arms and wrists before and during your Beginner Percussion Session #1;
  • Drumming as a Relaxation and Stress Relieving Tool; 
  • A Drum Beat you can do on anything and that will get you groovin' !
  • REMEMBER: Life has a rhythm just like your heart beats, your breathing and anything you do. Rhythm is all over your life in all that you do 24x7. Discover more of the value that you can get playing drums and percussion. 
  • FINALLY: HAVE FUN :) Carl.


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