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Relatable Heroes


Here's the line art! This is my first time using Photoshop to create my image (I'm most used to SketchBook Pro), so it took me a few more attempts than I would have liked.

I knew I wanted to try a monochromatic palette, and figured an easy way to try would be to set it at night. Night? Nocturnal creatures? ...and ended up with this. :)

Here's the palette!


Below is the coloring. I did shading and highlights on separate layers with pure black and white, but set the layers to be semi-transparent. The background gradient fades from black to my darkest palette color--I wanted to be sure the panels didn't get lost on it. This is also why I changed the panel outlines to white.

I had to re-ink the third frame due to messing up the transparency on it, but no other major tweaks were made.



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