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Rekindle Games - student project

Product Name: Rekindle Games

Rekindle Games is a Seattle based Unity3D game developer. We are a small business looking to expand our audience as our first title ‘Kitsu-GA’ nears completion. With industry experience under our belts  working for studios like Flying Lab Software, Gas Powered Games and Zombie Studios, we are ready to give our vision to the gaming community.



                a. Gamers(consumers)

                b. Steam(Other online digital distribution retailers)



                a. Gamers want to play games, and there always needs to be a /next/ game

to play. They are going to want people to share in their excitement of playing our game.

Rekindle Games is going to give them that /next/ game and when the gamers beat that game,

They are going to want more!

UPDATE: The great thing about being a game studio is that we are producing massive ammounts of art assets in the effort to create a finished and polished product. In our situation it costs us very little to put together promotional and/or reward packages that we can use to entice users to our site/have them bring in more people to our product.

[4]  Gamers want to experience, and Rekindle Games will give that to them. They want

Achievements/Bragging Rights. They want to ‘find the Princess in another castle’ and we will

Be there for them.

                b. online shops- Locations like steam are in it to make money, they cater to various

consumers, and if they don’t carry a product that consumers want, they have a missed opportunity

for sales. Rekindle Games will work with digital distributers to give consumers easy access to our


[4] Steam and other types of online distribution will want Rekindle games , because they are always looking for that /new/ game, the title that people will play next,  another way/means to bring in new revenue.


                a. The Game, this is not a free product(though there is that option in todays market)

[4]This could be the /next/ game for this person, or a gift for a friend/family member

                b. Extra content for the players that have beaten the game.

[4] They beat the game, but want more, we will give them that option

               c. Extra content that is not normally available inside the main game

[4] Core gameplay was not enough, again we have them covered.

5. Facebook, Twitter, email

-Newsletter signup, Twitter/forsquare, facebook connect


Utilize production assets from promotional use to create a newsletter/recruitment flyer

*artwork pending for mock up*

A vast world to explore and 


Take a peek into


An original title from

Rekindle Games

Join now to recieve

exclusice new, media and

a behind the sceens look

at the creation of


*Links to site,FB and twitter*


///// A few notes while working on this project ////

-Kickstarter has opened up some new revenues/incenties for people to start paying into a project(video games grossed the most $$ from KS in 2012, this is a double edged sword however, games also have the loweest sucess rate on KS)

FB campaigns, more likes = more content

Twitter Campains, more folloers = more content

both of these are things that can be simple as some new artwork from the team

or a sneak peak behind the scenes at what we are working on.

a site based campaign to pre sell the product can also be sucessful over time, you are not tied to a limit on the campaign like you are on kickstarter, however you have to weigh the ammount of time you keep it around, more time means less faith in your userbase and more time between getting 'rewards' out to users.

Sign up for news/announcments/tell your friends options  from our primary website can also be used to build an address book with email accounts to be used  when people sign up.

Alot of things to do to get this viral map to where it needs to be.

Twitter, if you are willing to invest a little $$$ can have a potential of a shock factor, sites like can help in spreading your site out into the twitter-verse in a rapid method.

Setting up Google Analytics has been great, while i am not activly pushing our site/product at this stage, the tests have gone well and with any luck we will have systems in place to properly track/adjust our system to be ontop of our marketing approaches when that time comes

////////// just some notes I have had in my head, trying to clean up my map and organize , don't fear the randomness of this add on /////////////////////////////////////