Rejected - student project

Rejected - image 1 - student project(Sorry-- no scanner!)

I wanted to share a story of feeling "left out" without the typical grade school bully scenario. 

I thought the best way to depict this story in a universal setting was with the issue of the tomato being a fruit or a vegetable. This is a topic that's often argued about, but no one ever cares about how the little tomato feels :(

Although both the fruit and vegetables are alienating the tomato, they still keep themselves separate because they feel like they belong to a certain group. Despite being on separate ends of the setting, they are all in the same light because they agree on only one thing: how the tomato doesn't belong with them.

I depicted the sadness of the tomato through the lighting -- his eyes are downcast, and the only thing that's with him is his shadow.

This is a very basic sketch--my apologies! But please give me any feedback you can think of --it is greatly appreciated! 

:) Thanks