Reject no more? (Keeping trying)

Reject no more? (Keeping trying) - student project

I've never really saved my failed paintings before, but luckily I messed up my first attempt for another paint loose class and used that. I forgot to take a picture of the reject, but it was quite similar to my poor attempt at painting a wine bottle in the other class.  At the end of that painting session I had also slapped the rest of the paint from my palette onto the rejected painting.

There were a lot of interesting shades of green and it was pretty dark but there were also a few gorgeous splashes of vibrant yellow.  I used a watercolour I did for a craftsy class as my inspiration image (mostly because I was really curious what the scene would look like in acrylic).

I really enjoyed playing with compressed charcoal on this piece, onto both wet and dry paint. I'm so glad I added this to my tools for acrylic painting.

Reject no more? (Keeping trying) - image 1 - student project