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Reinventing My Space

This is a page from DIY Magazine.  This image captures all eight elements of styling in a very bold way.

1) Needs - This was the stylist's daughter's bedroom.  She needed a dresser to store clothing and found this old piece at a second hand store.  Due to the boldness of all the other elements, she decided to maintan the original paint on the dresser.

2) Shape - Many shapes add interest to this vignette. Of course, the eyes are instantly drawn to the unique triangle pattern on the wall.  These shapes are nicely balanced with the rectangular mirror, rectangular shape of the dresser, and the long oval accents of the drawer pulls.  The cylinder vase that houses the flowers (botanicals) also ties in the curcular shape quite nicely.

3) Color - The bold color is what seems to make this vignette work so well.  This stylist wanted to be bold and she committed, especially when it came to color.  The overall color theme is warm colors which stands out in the rich orange of the wall design and the deep mahogany of the dresser.  The yellow cukoo clock is in the same family, but adds a pop on the wall.  The coral lion statue compliments the orange on the wall nicely.  She does tie in a pop of unexpected blue for the box and a lime green book which adds interest.

4) Pattern - The pattern on the wall instantly grabs the viewer's attention.

5) Texture - Lots of contrasting textures add interest.  It's hard to see in this picture, but the white vase has smooth round bumps on it which is a soft contrast to the bold rough texture of the design on the wall.  This mirror fram and texture of the wood on the dresser also add interest.

6) The white flowers on the left nicely balances the colorful vignette on the right side of the dresser.  The large mirror serves as a central focal point framed by pops of color.

7) Bling - The metallic look of the mirror and the brass latch on the blue box add just enough of a pop so as not to overwhelm the already bright colors.

8) Botanicals - Soft white flowers are also tied in for contrast without detracting or clashing with the bright colors and bold paterns.

Part II - Before Photos of Your Home

*No judgment* I did not attempt to really declutter much or get perfect lighting in them.  I figure that would be best for the after photos anyway :)

Coffee Table BEFORE:

Coffee Table AFTER:


Sofa AFTER (So far, this has been my favorite upgrade, especially with the coffee table!)

Had no idea all these pillows would compliment eachother so well!  There is a lot of different pattern and texture which adds interest, but the neutral colors help them blend nicely.

Console BEFORE:

Console AFTER (This one seems to have changed the least... guess I need some new stuff - haha!  I really think adding the stacked books and bust helped add some dimension to the vignette and really fill it out more,):

I'm a mental health professional, so wanted to add this unique personal touch to the space.  The phrenology head is resting on books that all have a sort of a psychological theme to them.

Bookcase BEFORE:



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