Reinvent Your Community: A Beginner's Guide to Digital Map Making

Hello everyone, I am creating my first Skillshare class and am excited to share my love of map making!

In my class, I will teach basic digital map making using Adobe Illustrator. Together, we will recreate a dull map to reveal a colorful, lively community!

Maps are utilized every day all around the world. Many communities, travel agencies and theme parks all display maps for the use of guests, residents or visitors to help them locate places of interest. Unfortunately, many of these maps lack energy, are sloppily thrown together and/or are of poor quality. 

With this class we will create a digital masterpiece that will not only be delightful to the eye, but will also be easy to use and understand; an example of how all maps should be!

I will be working on the rest of my class, including a class outline and would love to hear any suggestions or tips!

Thank you!


Class Title: Reinvent Your Community: A Beginner's Guide to Digital Map Making

Class Description: Explore how to design a lively digital recreation of your community or town. In this 30-minute class, you will learn a step-by-step process for transforming a dull community map into a lively illustration. This class is perfect for designers, marketing professionals, illustrators and everyone who enjoys creativity. No prior knowledge or experience is required, but Adobe Illustrator CC is the program I use in my videos. By the end, you'll have everything to need to bring your community to life!






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