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Reimaging Cooking Architecture: A food and design blog

I have been writing and taking photographs for my blog Cooking Architecture for 3 years, but I want to focus on increasing the volume of readers.  We have a facebook page, but don't utilize it very much. Below are all the social media pages I have, all are in development. I will also create a Twitter account that is linked to Instagram.   

Link to Cooking Architecture's google plus page

Link to Cooking Architecture facebook page

Link to Cooking Architecture's Instagram feed

I have a logo that works for the banner of our blog.

But now I am working to create a square logo because all of the social media sites rely on this shape. A long horizontal image doesn't work well. I will then implement this design to redesign the blog and use a header image that matches it.  Here is an example of one idea that I am working on for the square logo:


Just created our twitter account and linked Facebook to it.  Take a look or follow @cookingarch

I decided to go with just a square image of the cover photo because the icons are so tiny it's hard to see the line work or words in the logo. Please let me know what you think! 


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