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Regular takes


I used Instagram to watch pictures, mostly great photographers' photos on a daily basis. I used mine as a canvas to share my everyday life's moments. After awhile I got used to taking the same photos everyone has taken before. Then I came across Gareth's Skillshre class and decided to start a new feed, with no social network friends invited, jut for the sake of sharing my best photos and to inspire myself to have a well curated gallery. 

I live in a small Hungarian town, Baja, where there are no skyscrapers, highways, big traffic or many spectacular things. I have to be creative to shoot continously. So here is the idea: I have some abandoned industrial buildings, the Danube, a beautiful floodplain forest called Gemenc - let's go outside and take photos everytime I am just able to and build an Instagram feed which shows my hometown with interesting photos. Everyday photos. Just regular takes.

Please enjoy my gallery and visit my account at Regular takes Instagram where I also add notes about the photographs.
I also publish the photos at Regular takes tumblr.

Here are nine of my first takes, I am interested in your opinion!
Thank you for this great class, cheers,



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