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Regie Bariuan

Lettering Artist and Designer




I started doing sketches of my name using different tools to get different styles. I just wrote a lot of versions of my name. I'm not used to handwriting as I tend to draw letters more so its a challenge for me to do the form that I want. This lesson taught me that improving my handwriting skills would help me create faster samples for clients which helps for faster project turn arounds. Here's the sketches that I did as I try to find the style for my name.





I settled for the last style for my name and did a sketch for my fullname.



For the final inked version I added weight on the letters and then added the @ symbol as this is also my username in Instagram. I want a uniform stroke for the letters and there aren't any fluorishes but just a simple play with the lines.


I still need to work on the alignment of the letters and improve on the curves. Will improve this more when I digitize it. I do hope I could get suggestions on what can I do to improve the design.


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