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Regan family crest

Disclaimer:  I am not employed as a designer.  I have no design background.  I am not an artist. I just like design.  I like learning new stuff.  And I like my family.  I like Aaron Draplin.

This is where I would show you some progressions of some of my objects, but by the time I got to something I could share, my artboards were a wreck.  So I just thought I'd post a 'first draft' of some options I'm working with right now.  I'm having a ton of fun (and learning a bunch, both about Illustrator and about my family) with this project and am looking forward to the family stories and discussions shared over Thanksgiving.  My brother is also enrolled in this Skillshare class and we've both been very excited about this whole project.  (Go check his project out!  ...It's the other one for "Regan")

While my heritage is mixed, our family really only recognizes and celebrates our Irish ancestors.  A trip back there with my mom and brother a few years back was a lifetime memory.  So that explains the shamrock and celtic cross.  I grew up on a farm and farming/agriculture goes back to even before my great-grandfather came over. They lived in rural Ireland, farming. So I tried to create hilly farmland with rows of crops on them.  And the anchor is our high school symbol.  All my brothers and I graduated from there.  "God helps those who help themselves" is something my mom was always saying and her dad said it all the time too. 

So this is where I am at currently.  I pretty much need one more box filled.  I toyed around with trying to make a celtic cross but I'm not in love with it.  I may try to get a phrase or something and put some text in there. 

I started out with making the laurel and I had some fun with that.  Then, for some reason, I tried out a ring with text in it instead. 

So, I'm looking for feedback and opinions on:

  • Ring instead of laurel
  • Solid ring or outline ring
  • The two different shamrocks.  One I made with shapes and the other I used the pen tool to outline one I found.
  • Anything else!  I love hearing critiques!

More to come soon as I iron out the final quadrant, include some text and start to play with colors.  Thanks!


So, I decided to move fwd with the most "crest-like" of the three. I went with the shamrock that I created with shapes instead of the traced one.  I think it looks a little more real and a little less like a sticker or clipart.  I shrunk the anchor down and placed it is a set of three (to represent me and my two brothers) into a quadrant with a chevron which is an homage to our actual family crest.  And I redid and improved lots of odds and ends.

And I started trying out some colors.  I liked green, with Ireland being the obvious influence, but instead of the white and orange in the Irish flag, I wanted to go with a yellow, still Irish, but more of a nod to John Deere and our agricultural roots.

Well, I didn't end up lightening up the laurel but I did shorten up the length of it.  I thought it helped to open up and crest and focus more on that by having a little less laurel around.  A couple color tweaks and this is where I am at with a single-color, 2-color and 3-color...

What a fun and worthwhile project.  I'm so happy for having done it!


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