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Regan Family Crest

Showing the work in progress!  I'm fairly new to graphic design, but I've got all kinds of tough skin and just wanna get better.  So let me have it!  

"Regan Family Crest"

Started by doing the typical research; web searches and calls home to mom to get a nice set of iconic concepts and ideas for my composition. 

Of course, these notes are all taken in my trusty FIELD NOTES memo book (This one is "Night Sky" book 3: Late Summer).  All product pitches aside - I've wasted too much time with other note/memobooks that fall apart and that I have no attachment to.  Give Field Notes a try, people! 

The reseach phase notes:

We're an Irish family, with a heavy focus on family because - as the sadly all too common story goes - that's all that we had.  Still, every story that's told is a postive one, and as my mom tells it - that has everything to do with the community of the church and the strength and unity of their extended family.  Anyways - everyone go stop reading this and call your mom.  That was honestly the best part of my project - making that phone call.  

I'm keeping much of the details to myself (being Irish, that shouldn't be a surprise), but the icons or quadrants I chose to move forward with were:

  • The three fish (or dolphins, as I came to discover) from the stereotypical Regan Family Crest.  I have two brothers, and brothers played a role in our family's background, so I thought this was a good piece of Ireland and of the "offical" family crest to keep alive in my design.
  • The motto: "Rich in Family"  Not an offical family motto, but something my mom said to me on the phone prompted me to immediately come up with this.  'We didn't have much at all, but we didn't need it - we had each other and we were happy.'
  • The silhouette of the church from my hometown in rural Iowa.  This church and priest came into land years ago, and the priest was selling it off in piece for good prices to Irish Catholics that wanted to get out/off the New York City docks.  My family was one that made this trip and decades later, still attends this church. 

Here are a few pictures of the process and my workspace - something I tried hard to do the "right way."  This project's biggest takeaway for me?  Keeping things "live" and showing the evolution of a project.  I'll never go back to my old ways.  

And finally, here is where I'll keep the image of my most recent working draft.  I hope to call this "done" within a few days.

Most Recent Draft:

And a few more edits and laurels added for the final product:


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