Debbie Macfarlane-Nash

Mum of Special needs son



Regaining fitness & a better mind set for weight loss

My first fitness & weight loss goal was to fit into my wedding dress on January 2nd 2013: CHECK

My ongoing fitness goal & weight loss is to maintain the motivation I had before the wedding, and before sustaining my ankle injury 6 weeks before the wedding. 

Post wedding I have lost 2kgs, and I am happy with that even with little to no exercise during that time. I have kept control of my eating and sticking with smaller portions as part of my portion control eating I started in July 2012. I have lost 16kgs since July 2012. 

I need to work on drinking NO alcohol during the week, and stick to just weekends (Fri-Sun) & to stop including Thursday as part of my weekend! 

My current goals:

  • to continue to lose 1kg per week
  • to find the motivation for running for at least 30 minutes per day, 6 days per week
  • to maintain my portion controls for meals
  • to reduce & cut out alcohol Monday - Thursdays

Week 2: 

I have gone for a run 2 times this week - I am not wanting to stress out my ankle too much. I have done pre warmup walk of 5 mins, 30 mins jogging, then 5 mins post cool downwalk. I slow down for water with each lap of the 2x footy fields I run around but I make sure to not stop. 

I slipped & had 3 glass's of white wine last night (being a Wednesday). 

I have felt bloated all week, so I have been drinking lots of green tea. I always have a cold water bottle with me throughout the day, so I am sipping water constantly. 


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