Regain My Previous Weight Loss

Regain My Previous Weight Loss - student project

My name is Christopher Gilbert. 7 years ago I was quite overweight, weighing in as 285 pounds. Over the next two years, I managed to lose 100 pounds, shedding off an amazing 35% of my body weight! Unfortunately, as the years have progressed, the scale began to tip more an more. As the weight crept on, prior health issues began to reappear, the most annoying of which include lower back and knee pain.

I currently weigh in at 209 pounds. My short-, medium-, and long-term goals:

  1. COMPLETE: Get my weight down under 210
  2. Get to see my abs again
  3. Get back to my best weight of 185

January 2nd: 227 pounds.

January 8th: 222 pounds

January 15: 217 pounds

January 22nd: 213 pounds. I'm so close to my first goal (three pounds left)! Unfortunately, I hurt my lower back during a set of squats, so I am relying on counting macro-nutrients and intermittent fasting in order to propel me the rest of the way to my goal.

January 30: 209 pounds and ecstatic!