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Katryna Yasinski

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Refreshing Retro Picnic

I would upload a photo of my word cloud, except that by the end of the process it got horribly messy and somewhat incomprehensible. I started building associations from words on both sides of the maps and the lines connecting them created a sort of chaos.

What I did get from it, is my concept. Many of my words, and what spoke to me the most happened to be about vintage/retro inspired things, and refreshing crisp food, in a warm sunny atmosphere. 

Picnics immediately brought to mind a great memory for me of a picnic my friends and I planned a few years back. We all wore our cutest vintage frocks, packed a wicker basket, ate citrus fruits and froliced in the field. 

My hilighted words were: Checkered Blanket, frolicing, hair scarves, wicker baskets, flowers, sunshine and parasols, fizzy soda, striped straws.

This is my image board which really helped solidify the mood I want to capture. Bright, retro, crisp and refreshing.

I Have a clear idea of what i want the mood of my pattern to be, but I'm not quite sure how to get there. I have started sketching, but I haven't found a clear focus or idea yet. I'm just drawing what I find fun for now.  Here are a few of my beginning sketches.

I haven't had much time to watch all the videos. At this point I am just playing around for a feel. I used to know Illustrator well and now it's totally foreign. It will take some getting used to for sure.

I think I want to play with the muted neon-like tones I found in my inspiration, and using citrus fruits to play on the refreshing. I want to get stripey straws in there some where but Im not sure how.


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