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Lauren Mackenzie

PreSchool/Primary Teacher, Yoga Enthusiast



Reflections and Visions

Some themes in my life:

I am positive, outgoing and great at connecting to people and making them feel listened to, heard and comfortable. I have a passion for teaching, working with children, all things yoga and mindfulness/meditation - and the various areas that surround these benchmarks in my life.

I am passionate about people and wellness - my interview answers definitely reflect this. 

I struggle with balancing my goals and taking action towards my goals while I am in relationships. My last relationship in particular was a source of loss of personal power. I allowed myself to fall to being manipulated while I waited it out in hopes of inspiring positive change in the other person - My answers linked this to lack of confidence in myself. 

I let my relationships cause sadness and I let my sadness become a distraction... I noticed this pattern when I reflected on the differences in myself and how I feel on the inside when I am happy (how I am so present and bubbly) to when I am sad (distracted and as a result, a 'bad friend'). 

I found THIS interesting:

Most people wanted to see me have more confidence in my abilities!


This is a tricky one for me which is why I am here. 

What I LOVE: 

Child development and education, yoga and teaching yoga, learning about healthy ways of living and sharing all to inspire people to love themselves, working on myself, loving relationships and honest communication, dance and movement, travelling and volunteering/working abroad, family and friends - these last 2 goals are proving to be quite conflicting for me. I can see myself living abroad, but I can also see myself close to my family, in Toronto. 

What I see myself doing in the future:

Entrepreneurial work - yoga and mindfulness in schools, workshops, writing books/articles, setting up schools and training teachers in lesser-developed countries that incorporate mindfulness concepts, working part-time in private or public schools with behavioural/exceptional students. (Meaningful work that has me busy and feeling fulfilled - and living the balance between travelling and exploring, and planting roots).

Personal WANTS:

A loving, communicative, honest, safe and compassionate marriage, children of my own, a meaningful and satisfying career that I simply LOVE, and time to relax.

What I do not want: 

I don't want to feel like I am sacrificing myself or my deepest needs, I don't want to feel that I can't communicate or share my feelings with those around me - particularly my partner, I don't want to feel like my partner misunderstands me, I don't want to be underpaid for what I do, and I don't want my scared-ness or lack of confidence to block me from getting everything I want!!

work in progress :)


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