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Yali Chen




Reflection - Shadow

Hello there,

Here are some notes and steps that I created through this increadible class. It's a nice practice, I am rather new to this approach but it does help for me to think through this creative method.


Above my two groups of word list.

And down below I chose reflection v.s. shadow

there still are connection to it, but I just like something about it.


So i picked twins as the visual subject and think about  composition. I wasn't very clear abou the statement that I want to say but through composing it gives a bit more ideas. 

The desided concept is the twin have different shadows.


Since is was about shadow so I decided to use monotone, so I practiced the technique that Muradov shows us in the class. And I love them. But might need to try more times. It feels amazing to mess up my fingers. 


The final work 

I change my mind to use the original concept, instead I make the other twin into shadow itself and leave more room for viewer to figur out.



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