Refining my Stlye

Refining my Stlye - student project

I have been looking for my style for a while and since now I am working on some animations I feel like I am a bit "afraid" to use colors as much as I would feel/like, so thank you Dylan because this class made me understood this is the style I am trying to achieve and I should be braver with it. 



T e x t u r e

I tend to like the handmade finish, even if it is digital art, I tend to go for the unfinished or not perfect look, it can be seen in the color and line

C o l o r

Pastel explotion of color, but in a bit of a darker way

L i n e

Raw handmade lines, it can be added as a pop up for an element just be the center of attraction

Refining my Stlye - image 1 - student project