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Redwood National Forest

Hello There!

Well, this is my first time actually sharing a Skillshare Project and I'm feeling a bit vulnerable about it! I took Meg's Basics Photoshop class on Skillshare and applied some of the things I learned to this project. I have the old Macbook so I'm only running Photoshop CS2 right now. I'm pretty much a beginner level with design, so I welcome some feedback (eek!).

For this project, I was immeditaly inspired when I got the email alert. I LOVE TRAVEL! I've been to India and Africa plus a few layovers in between. Trying to think of a tourism poster for those places were pretty daunting though. So, I stuck with something at least on this side of the world. Over this last Valentines Day weekend, my husband woke me up and said, "Happy Valentine's Day! Now, I need you to pack a bag." We traveled through mountains to the Northern CA Coast, where we explored the Redwood National Forest. The trees were magnficent. Majestic. Stunning. Really BIG. We felt like we had to whisper while walking around through them and we left with a special level of giddiniess. When arriving back home, I posted a picture from our trip, onto Facebook. My friend's mom, who lives in the South, commented and said she had once visited the Redwood National Forest. She explained how she was struck by the story of the Tree Huggers who risked going to jail and personal injury to save these trees from being logged. I hadn't actually known that, so mix that information with my special level of giddiness and awe, inspired this poster. I snapped some quick iphone photos, but of course none of them do it justice. It's also hard to capture thousand year old trees on a tiny square, so for this poster, I picked a picture that isn't the typical picture for the Redwoods. Here's the original:

I liked that it looked like a tent/home and showed moss and fern as well. I know, I know-it's pieces of an old fallen Redwood but I just liked it for some reason. Here's the finished (for now) poster:

I played around with different phrases like, "Where Tree Huggers Unite," or "Home of the Tree Hugger," or "Unleash your Inner Tree Hugger." My husband said those were too hippy though and I was going more for campy, fun, adventure-in-the-old-Volvo-wagon feeling. I love handwritten fonts and that Iceland Ad with the handwritten font over the photograph, stood out to me. This would probably be aimed at a younger demographic because of its feeling and look.

Anyway, I was super inspired by all the tourism ads in this class, especially the vintage ones. I'm not a designer (I'm an Early Childhood Education Teacher), so this was really fun for me! I love Skillshare for giving me classes that scratch the surface just enough on topics, that make me want to dive in more.

Thanks so Much Anne for teaching this class, I loved it!

#FirstSubmit (haha, sorry, isn't that the thing nowadays?)



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