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Redundant Statements

The Internet is full of "how-to"'s. The Internet is kind of like a book, but self-published, non-edited, raw, unfiltered, and informal as it is, they both happen to be 'pages' filled with opinions. I've found that I've become reliant on the Internet, for advice, for information, for research, for instructions, for manuals. I turn to the Internet for electronics, food, science, news, help, life. I'm also intoxicated on the notion that robots will run the course of my life for me. That's what I'm fearing my reliance on the Internet is gearing me towards. I don't know how to socialized, I don't know formalities, I don't know proper etiquette, I don't understand mannerisms or the idiosyncrasies of man. I'm afraid for my privacy and the speed and efficiency in which many social needs are met, yet at the same time, overwhelmed by the information that pours out in my inbox and many 'boards'. In fact, I'm so overwhelmed, that I'm becoming crushed by the weight of the need to constantly be in the know, to be updated, and afraid of the feeling of missing out. I have to intentionally shut myself out, to board up this window to the world that although it affects me, it doesn't affect me to the extent that I think it does. I remember growing up, saying that I watch cartoons and not the news because news is boring. Current events don't affect me. Now look at me. I'm a current events junkie. I'm addicted to technology. My freedom from that is travel. At the current rate though, technology will consume my destinations, and my travel will become mundane and redundant. I'll share stuff that people share that other people will share, and it will be redundant. Information will become redundant and repeated. People will be redundant. The world will be redundant. I'll become bored. I'm bored.

I'm bored, therefore I travel. I travel, therefore I'm bored.


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