Redoing a digital design I created!

I've known for a while my designs needed some help! I've been SO busy lately that I just felt I didn't have much energy to put into them. And I've taken a few of Teela's classes before even though lettering & drawing aren't really my things, I just loved her style of teaching! (Even though I never did a project...just binge watched her classes! haha!)

BUT I figured this time I'd post my "almost project" based on what I learned in the class. Here's my before & after! Again, thank you SO much Teela! I literally felt like all my design based creative juices were gone for good! ;) 

So these are literally kinda just "doodles" or sketches that I have used just to get started switching my "cute stuff store" over to Zazzle from another website, so neither of these are exactly final awesome designs by any means...but a HUGE improvement nonetheless! ;)  Definitely WAY less boring!


Redoing a digital design I created! - image 1 - student project


Redoing a digital design I created! - image 2 - student project

Ashlee Geheb
Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives