Redhead Rapunzel

Redhead Rapunzel - student project

I really enjoyed watching Tangled recently, so I had Rapunzel on the mind. I thought it would be fun to draw a sinister, overgrown tower, but with something exciting coming her way. I also went with red hair and freckles, because Rapunzel is just overwhelmingly blonde most of the time. 

Here is my building blocks sketch: 

Redhead Rapunzel - image 1 - student project

Then I forgot to take a picture of the inked phase, so here is the watercolor 'final' version, though I might go back in with more watercolor or markers to increase the volume and detail. 

Redhead Rapunzel - image 2 - student project

Materials: pencil, plastic eraser, Pilot G-Tec-C4 0.4mm ballpoint pen, watercolors and brush pen, black ink.

I used a cheap sketchbook, and learned that the paper doesn't take wet medium very well. Live and learn!

Thanks for a great class :)

Ruth Shafer
Look around, make stuff.