Ian Barnard

Hand lettering Artist



Redesigning my logo

The class ties in nicely with the fact that I'm redesigning my logo (my name) to coincide with my design work being focused more on hand lettering and calligraphy. 

The problem I'm having is that the 'I' of my first name can be mistaken for a 'J', making me Jan Barnard. I will have to work on and search out a style of script that works best for that. 

Here are some really rough sketches so far. Really need to practice my flourishes as they are a bit messy. 

Practicing variations of the letter 'B'

Getting distracted with work!

I haven't had anytime to focus on my skillshare project/s so here is a new piece of work designing a logo for Windram Design - Handmade Clothing using the methods that Molly highlighted in her class. 


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