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Redesigning "The book of lost things"


The beginning
This book is a kind of fairytale retelling, and I like fairytale retellings, especially when the authors make very happy characters for example grumpy. And this story has a very big moral in it, so I loved that.

This has been one of my favorites of this year, it's been with me since the day I started reading it, and I totally need my own paperback copy. I'd love to experiment with the things that happen in this book and look forward to showing you what I'm gonna make of it! :)

There haven't been a lot of cover designs for this one. It was published in 2006, but I think that the design hasn't been changed a lot because the current design (the first that I'll show you) is very intriguing. A lot of people will pick it up because of the way it looks.

There's one design that's been used in two different ways, and those ways are actually the colors and a little bit of composition. The one that I love most has the blue background and the white writing. And I actually really don't like the red version of this, I just wouldn't buy that one.

The third one here is actually one that I truly don't like. The book is for children, for as far as I know, and this looks like it's a thriller. It looks like John Connolly's other books, and that's good, but this is such a different genre that it just doesn't look right!

The last one actually depicts a very important point of the story.... the moment that David gets his first peek into "fairyland". And I think it's been done lovely. I would totally pick up this cover in the store, even though it's not my favorite.

I would love to make a minimalist cover with a bit of a realistic feel (think shadows and gradients). We'll see...

So I've been thinking... I've got a lot of ideas, and they aren't super minimalist, so we'll see how it works out. But it might not become a super minimalist cover.

I'm currently doing some typography research, you can see some here already, buuut... I really don't like these in some way, any tips?

PS: When I research I like to use Pinterest... If you want to see more  (stuff that I've got going on in my head) you can visit my pinterest board.

An important part of the story
I remember reading a pretty long scene in this book that was very important to the story. It's a scene in which David discovers a room in the castle that's full of shelves filled with jars. And *spoiler* one of the jars has a living, breathing girl in it. She's there because of her brother, who is the current king, he didn't want her in his life, and got a chance to have one without her. So he got a deal.

I'll have to go back to that scene to remember everything completely. At least it was an important scene, that made some impact on me. It practically was the moment that David realised what place he was in. He could choose to get rid of his little brother, who´s not his mother´s kid, or choose to go back and "save" his little brother.

I thought it would be nice to choose that particular room to set the cover in. Illustrate some jars and put some items in there, for example: snow white's ribbon, or the hats that the seven Dwarfs wear. And of course the little girl.

Another idea is to use just one jar and put the girl in it. Maybe use two covers? One that has the girl, and the other one underneath with the jar and some kind of soul form...

I would put jars on the spine, I think it would look beautiful on a shelf with some beautiful typography. Maybe I'll try to illustrate the letters myself.

If you have feedback, don't hesitate to give it, it always helps! I'll try to make some illustrations for it and put it up here when I have something. But first... I REALLY need to flip through the book again!

Update 2 for today...

I've been thinking about how the soul looks in my head. I perceive it as being some kind of bluish flame. And I would definitely place it on the head. So I'm gonna illustrate that blue flame and try to make the jar and maybe the girl very soon. Andy A. suggested looking into jar labels, so I did some research. Again, if you want to see all the stuff in my head just visit the board I made especially for this project.

So here's an image of different kinds of jar labels. I got them off pinterest.

What I see a lot are labels that are pasted onto the jar, but my initial idea for the label was to put it on a string (if I would use my girl in a jar/soul idea). See, the problem is that if it's on the jar, you won't see the girl.
I could still use the jar label and put a second jar next to the main one. But I don't know about that yet.


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